Rules For Your Son

Jan 19, 2018

I am not the original author of this, but whomever you are: kudos to you. The only thing you missed was to tell them is that not being a Stormers’ supporter is frowned upon:

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Amateur Hour and School Fees

Aug 1, 2017

Oh, that sweet smell of a new brokerage account, a successful money transfer and confidence to boot! The world is mine for the taking, this is gonna be awesome, this is FREEDOM! MWUAHAHAHAHA!!!

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Save Money, Get Two Wheels

Mar 25, 2017

Let’s just get to the point - buy a bike. Whether it is a motorcycle or a bicycle doesn’t matter, just buy a bike!

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Annualised Growth Calculator

Mar 6, 2017

Read this article for information about what this calulator does.

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How to Calculate Annualised Growth

Mar 6, 2017

Ever wanted to know how much your investment has grown on average over the years? Or perhaps you are considering a specific investment but not sure if it “performs”.

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Hosting one or more websites on

Jun 16, 2016

Github allows you to host a static website on its servers. The benefit is that because it is a static site it can take advantage of their CDN and it is fast. The downside (if you choose to see it as one) is that it is a static site - no database, no server side interaction. Basically read only. Personally I love it and it becomes very useful when using Jekyll to generate the site for you.

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Versioning your Go application

Mar 15, 2016

Imagine you have a go application running in production that has been subject to a couple of updates. You open the logs but have no idea which version it is. Is this the same one as on the live server or the one with all those bug fixes from last week?

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